19.95 USD

Lifetime access to:

  • 10000$ reward (Forever valid, until you spend all of it)

Buy with it: items, resources, tools etc. at shop, use /shop at chat.

  • [Supporter] Tag 

1 Months access to:

  • Personal Minicopter - unlimited GAS (Locked to you, does not decay, fly without fuel usage)

  • Personal Car

  • Queue Bypass

  • 42 Slot Backpack (Extra inventory space, used by /backpack)

  • Quick Sort

  • Upgrade building blocks upon placement (you don’t need upgrade it with hammer)

  • Tools no wear (Stops all tools from losing condition)

  • Personal Recycler (use /recycler.craft, needs 500 scrap, 5000 metal fragments, 10 gears)

  • Call Helicopter (once per 24 hours)

  • [VIP Gold] Tag